Sanctuary Hills: A Short Story

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Akenten, of Sanctuary Hills, was a protective child who always guided his little brother, Kiero. They caused mischief and trouble wherever they went, something to be expected by demons. The brothers were left out in the streets by their parents, which caused Akenten to step up and become the role model. Akenten was a scrawny child with little, stubs for horns on top of his head. Kiero was shorter and skinnier than Akenten, which was useful when they needed someone to enter a small crack. The brothers had a very close bond, in which they would die for each other if needed. It was them against the world. They fought back demons that tried to sell them off for slaves. They did everything together, and they shared everything as well. They even…show more content…
The whole forest stood still. Akenten’s lips quivered and his eyes watered, for the red mound was his blood-stained brother. The beast had maimed Kiero so severely that only his eyes were recognizable. Akenten dropped to his knees and held his brother’s hand. “I’m sorry, brother…” spoke Kiero as he coughed out blood. “It’s alright, it’s going to be alright,” replied Akenten as he caressed his brother’s cheek. Akenten’s tears dropped onto Kiero as he watched the life fade away from his eyes. His sweet blue eyes reminded Akenten of what could have been if he had just protected his brother more. He began to blame himself for the death of Kiero, for he knew that if he had stayed awake and watched over Kiero this would have never happened. It was on the corner of his eye that he noticed something behind him -- two yellow eyes. The hellhound bared its teeth and pounced at Akenten, scratching his face. Akenten’s feelings of depression transformed into rage as he faced the beast. With his quick thinking, he grabbed soil from off of the ground and threw it at the beast’s eyes, blinding it. The hellhound scratched at its eyes in an attempt to clear it from dirt, but the attempts only made the situation for the beast worse. The beast accepted its eyes’ faith so it stopped its useless efforts and prepared for
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