Sandman Worlds End Essay

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The Sandman is a series written by Neil Gaiman. The Sandman volume eight is a graphic novel with dark elements such as melancholy feelings and supernatural events. This fictional story is a blend of modern and ancient times. The Sandman Worlds’ End is about Brant and his friend Charlene getting caught up in a snowstorm and taking shelter in the Worlds’ End Inn. Multiple people and creatures are waiting in the Inn while he storm is emerging. After awhile, they all find out it is not a weather storm, but it is a “reality storm” and they exchange stories while they await for the storm to pass. Anyway, readers could expect that The Sandman Worlds’ End is portrayed as a dark fantasy book because an author known for his horror books, Stephen King, …show more content…

A frame story is a literary technique that contains a story within another story. An article by David Turner discusses the importance of a frame narrative process, “This encounter itself initiates a humanizing process, enlarging the understanding of the narrator” (Turner 128). This is important because it explains how a frame narrative can give a clear interpretation of the narrator. Also, most of Neil Gaiman’s story is concerned with the narration. This novel is like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales because they both have a bunch of small stories that lead to a larger purpose of the big story. In The Sandman Worlds’ End, the main character, Brant Tucker, tells his story and the characters in his story tell their own stories. Also, The Sandman Worlds’ End shows little information about Brant, but it gives more information about the inside characters. The Sandman Worlds’ End is told from the first person point of view of Brant. However, the point of view changes from character to character. Brant tells his story about going to the Inn, and the people from the Inn are trying to tell the best story of the night. Within the stories from the people of the Inn, are other characters telling their stories. These frame narratives are important because these smaller stories give the reader background information about the big

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