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It is known that feminism, both as a theory and as a political movement, is manifold and heterogeneous. Different feminist organizations act in different ways and on different fronts, ranging from cultural actions and population awareness on gender inequality, production of theoretical material and media publication, practical action in peripheral communities, participation in political councils and forums, organizations in women association, participation in electoral disputes among many others.

The way of the judicialization of rights is, therefore, one of several paths adopted in the construction of a less unequal society. It is also important to note that the path of judicialization is not exclusively feminist, law has been used as an instrument of emancipation for various socially disadvantaged groups. The article analyzes the potentialities and limits of the judicialization as an instrument to combat gender based inequalities in Brazil, the objective is to present and discuss three Brazilian specific legal events: the creation of Maria da Penha law to prevent domestic violence in 2006; the reformulation of the Criminal Code in 2009, with
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Sandra Herding ANO) and employs common research techniques in human sciences as readings, examination of legal pieces, systematizations and expositions of arguments, however, it is a feminist perspective that guide the use of these techniques (see Eli Barta ANO). The papers´s arguments are developed on both feminist theory and concern for thinking about women's lives. That is, this work is informed by substantive questions raised by the feminist theory, questions explored in the first item of this text, especially by the formulations Wendy Brown and Patricia Williams and Iris Young and Sonia Alvarez, at the same time the work has as purpose is to go Beyond the theoretical questions, exploring the legal text and debating its potentialities and
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