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Sandro Botticelli

Oksana Zecher

Visual Arts

Oksana Zecher
Visual Arts 1133

Sandro Botticelli’s full name was Allessadro di Mariano Filipepi Botticelli. He was born in the year 1445. The date and month of his birth is unknown. His hometown is Florence, Italy, and he was the youngest of five children. His father was a tanner, which is someone who converts animal skins into leather. Sandro Botticelli’s mother, Smeralda, and the rest of his family lived the same district as the Vespucci family who became important patrons of the artist’s work. Botticelli was known for his intelligence and his love of practical jokes, and he quickly earned a reputation as a restless, energetic and impatient child. Fortunately, his precocious …show more content…

It was completed during 1500 and 1501. It was painted in Italy and is now currently in the National Gallery in London, United Kingdom. He used oil paint on canvas and it was the only painting that he ever signed (Levey). This painting had a main theme which was peace. The olive branches placed all through the painting were meant to symbolize peace. All of the groups of people have such happy expressions with the angles. There is many little devil-like figures crawling away from this peaceful environment. They are unable to survive in this area in which both the Christ Child and Virgin Mary brought so much peace. All of the evil has fled this environment and now peace can be reign again (Rymer, Mystical Nativity). I like this painting because he created a highly personal and sophisticated style of expressionism. Like many of his paintings, this one is distinguished by his innovatory refinements. I also like how many of his paintings are religious based. It gives you a different perspective on his take on stories. He also paints many mythological related paintings which was a combination of decorative lines and classical tradition elements. It has complete harmony with compositions and contours of his figures in each

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