Saskatchewan Government And The Canadian Medical System

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The Saskatchewan government led the way in the development and evolution of the Canadian medical system by introducing the first provincial hospital insurance program in 1947. The national hospital insurance program, based on this provincial model, was introduced in 1957. In 1962, the Saskatchewan government introduced the first public health care program which, in 1966, became the model for the national Medicare program.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health is responsible for ensuring that health services are provided in accordance to the Canada Health Act. This includes providing operation funds, arising from both federal and provincial taxation, to the regional health authorities.

The brochure, It’s For Your Benefit (file:///D:/File%20Downloads/its-for-your-benefit-apr-2013%20(4).pdf), provides detailed descriptions of the medical and community services provided free of charge to Saskatchewan residents who have Saskatchewan Health coverage as well as those services that are partially funded. A full description of the services not covered by the Ministry of Health is also included in the brochure.

EHealth Saskatchewan (

Mission: Making patient information available electronically to patients and their health care team.

These four themes included in the strategic plan of eHealth Saskatchewan are: patient first, partner with the health system, ensure the privacy, security and data quality, and efficiency.

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