Satire Essay On Pharmaceutical Drugs

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From the beginning of time we have these pre-conceived notions that doctors are a secure haven. The relation between the drugs and the dealer greatly resemble the relation between pharmaceuticals and physicians. Society views the doctors as the problem, but if you dig deeper, you’ll notice that it relies on the pharmaceutical industries. The FDA approves these drugs that could benefit you in one aspect, but it can also wreak havoc on the potential consumers. Although, pharmaceutical drugs aren’t always defective, they allow the pain to subside, even if the relief is temporary. The drugs that are prescribed are not curing disease, but merely concealing the symptoms. Individuals who have never been ill a day in their life that say addiction from pharmaceutical drugs are a result of the ill individual being too weak and exaggerating, but once any sort of pain forms it modifies the central nervous system for some it is temporary, however not everyone is as fortunate. Their central nervous system is stuck in a high state of reactivity thus making all stimuli painful. What do you tell the people who are dependent on…show more content…
The majority of these side effects are freak accidents, but they are required to be placed on the list of potentially dangerous factors of consuming the drugs, there has to be a more efficient way. Scientists are surrendering at acceptable, after all they’re still getting paid, and it has no direct influence on them. These horrible sequences of events are occurring because the FDA is allowing it, and as pharmaceutical consumers we’re left with no other options. The physicians are not authorized to invent their own concoction of drugs for their patients, they also have an obligation to comply because in that moment those drugs are the only and best opportunity in the interest of their patient. People want to turn to the doctors, everybody wants somebody to
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