Save A Child From A Life Threatening Disease

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If you had the option to save a child from a life-threatening disease, could you imagine choosing not to do so? Every year thousands of parents choose not to vaccinate their children from diseases like polio, whooping cough, and other life-threatening diseases. One simple decision to not vaccinate a child runs the risk of potentially infecting other children that are too young to receive the vaccination yet. It is because of this potential danger that I am in favor of the mandation of childhood vaccines. Does it really seem right that one parent’s decision can put a whole community of children at risk? Vaccinations save children 's’ lives, protect large groups of children through herd immunity and can eradicate diseases such as …show more content…

If every US citizen is required to have health insurance then mandating vaccines for children should not be a problem. If vaccinations for children are mandated then the production of vaccines would need to increase which could potentially lower the cost of vaccines. With the assistance of taxpayers money and the insurance companies, vaccines would be affordable for all. Vaccines save lives, lives of babies, lives of children, lives of adults and lives of the elderly.
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When a parent chooses to have their child vaccinated they are not only protecting their child from illness but also every child that they will come in contact with through herd immunity. Herd immunity (or community immunity) means that when a "critical portion" of a population is vaccinated against a contagious disease it is unlikely that an outbreak of the disease will occur ( Herd immunity protects a community from getting a contagious disease through vaccination the majority of the public. By vaccinating the public, the disease is much less likely to spread and, therefore, protects the children who have not received the vaccination yet. How would you feel if your child was responsible for contracting and spreading a contagious disease just because you chose not to vaccinate your child? As a consequence of one child not being vaccinated, dozens of other children can suffer because they are not protected by the herd immunity.
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