Save Muslim Women

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Why the Western Society Feels Compelled to Save Muslim Women from their Cultures The notion that constructs Muslim women are in need of saving, comes from the importance of moral and ethic grounds that reflect high human rights. It gives a label to specific kinds of oppression against these women that causes people to feel morally compelled to rescue them from their culture. The term “saving” expresses that of one in need of rescue. Ideally, the women do not feel oppressed to their cultures. The terrible problems going on in Afghanistan, such as poverty and militarism issues are why these women are deeply affected. The idea of these issues is discussed further, “Women need to have a universal right to freedom from structural violence …show more content…

While this remains to be true, our desires for these women could mistakenly be much different from their desires for themselves; different cultures have different yearnings about justice. LILA ABU-LUGHOD articulates this idea in her fieldwork, she found that these women do not envy the women that make up the Western societies, “they will never cry for themselves, for they are down under yoke of centuries of oppression (Van Sommer & Zwener 1907:15/2002:789). Their true envy is the oppression they have suffered in terms of the militarism and poverty their country suffers. In relevance to this issue, after the liberation of the Talibans, the Muslim women did not remove their ‘forced’ identities as people. The fact that their Burqa was not removed resembles that they are a product of their own environment, they are proud to symbolize who they are in terms of the symbolic separation of men and women. To sum up, Muslim women are not in need of saving, this implies that they are in need of rescue compared to Western societies. Their conditions to which they live are the things that are in need of aid. Based on their state of poverty, and militarism are the oppressions that need to be assisted. The cultural traits and identities of Muslim women symbolize who they are as people. Muslim women need to have liberty from anatomical coercion based on global discrimination and consequences of

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