Save The Children At The Poverty

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The question is how we save the children live in the poverty. Have you ever lived in the circumstance of the poverty? In the America’s society, children live in the poverty is a small percent. Contrary to foreign countries, there is large percent of children living in the poverty. I was born in the foreign country Vietnam. I have experienced and described when I was a kid. I have seen all the circumstances of children living in the poverty including myself. Back in Vietnam, My family and I was a farmer. Our living style were very strenuous life; therefore, this is an opportunity for me to exhibit for investigation and discovery one organization that supports and helps many countries out there that children live in the poverty without…show more content…
Three decades later it inspired the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, now signed by almost every country in the world.She dreamed of a world where no child should suffer extreme and life-threatening hardship. Today, there are signs that the world is making real progress towards her vision. The dramatic recent progress the world has made in saving children’s lives has brought us to a pivotal moment in human history. We have the opportunity to be the first generation to ensure that no child dies from preventable diseases, and that every child gets the chance to fulfill their potential (Save the Children). To today, there are more than 50 countries including the United Stated are established Save the children to provide the children in the United Stated and around the world in the poverty. Save the children is active in more than fifty countries, including the United States. Currently, Save the Children is ranked high among than other nonprofit charity organizations such as Feed the Children and World Vision that advocate for children live in poverty through lack of food, lack of adequate medical care, lack of appreciate education, lack of nutrition, lack of adequate prenatal care, in natural tragedies, war, and other conflicts (Save the Children). By looking at the Charity
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