Stop Poverty

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Currently, our society is going through many issues but the biggest problem that needs to be stopped is poverty. Poverty is easily the largest issue facing our world today. It kills thousands and thousands of people every year. Not only are there adults but there are children out there starving and dying too. We as a society have the power to end poverty right now but choose to spend that money towards other mostly unnecessary things. One of the main reasons that so many people fall into poverty or stay in poverty is because they are uneducated. Inequality affects everyone around the world but it is also a huge cause of poverty. Inequality also makes it harder to find a way out of the hole that is poverty. Lastly whether or not the child is born into poverty affects the rest of their life, if they can’t find their way out of poverty there whole life is set to not be as good as it should be and if they decide to have kids they will be putting their children in the same situation.
121 million children are out of education and this needs to be changed now. One cannot expect a child without the opportunity to learn to succeed in life. The amount of skill, education, experience, and intelligence a child is sent out into the world with will determine where they end up. About a fifth or 22% of children growing up in poverty do not graduate. More than 1.3 billion people live on less than two dollars a day while some people spend a hundred dollars like it's nothing. In some

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