Scarlet Fever Disease

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Scarlet Fever is an illness that can develop from strep throat and usually affects children between the ages of five to fifteen (Mayo Clinic, 2011). This disease is able to be controlled with the use of antibiotics, but only if it is recognized and interpreted correctly. When recognized by the combination of symptoms, medical help should be reached. If left untreated, scarlet fever could lead to many other complications throughout the body. Scarlet Fever was once a dangerous illness, but knowing and understanding the causes, symptoms, treatments and prevention methods has taken the fear away.
Scarlet fever can become of strep throat in children. It is caused by the streptococcus bacteria, which makes a toxin that can cause a scarlet rash, from which this illness gets its name. Not all children react the same, or at all, to this toxin, but it is still important to watch for (Klein, M.D., 2012). Scarlet fever can be spread through mucus found in sneezes or coughs that pass through children when they are involved with close interactions through family and school. It generally takes two days for the symptoms to appear.
The symptoms of scarlet fever generally last for not more than a week. They include a red rash and lines across the body, a flushed face, a fever over 101 degrees, a red, sore throat, a red (strawberry) tongue, a swollen uvula with sacs of white pus on it, swollen glands of the neck, nausea, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, headache and abdominal pains. The red

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