Scarlet Pimpernel Reflection

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Scarlet Pimpernel starts with giving the background of the situation about how famed the scarlet pimpernel is and how badly the French want to kill him, through dialogue in France. The book moves the set to The Fishermen’s Rest and we see some of the aristocrats who have just escaped thanks to Scarlet Pimpernel and his crew. Lots of celebration continues as we get introduced to the main character Marguerite, she says good bye to her brother/Best friend/substitute dad, who is secretly helping scarlet pimpernel by going to France, the French Spy, an old friend of Marguerite, asks for her help to figure out who scarlet Pimpernel is she denies. Later that night, the French Spy captures some letters from Scarlet Pimpernel and notices a letter …show more content…

She in a mad rush gets ready to follow her husband and sends he guests home, on her trip she pauses to get one of Scarlet’s sworn helper, and explains the situation. He tries to talk her out of it unsuccessfully and then convinces her to let him join her. They meet up very late at the Fishermen’s Rest and prepare to leave the next morning. Racing against the French spy which she helps, Scarlet’s helper tells her that the storm coming in would prevent everyone from leaving the port, but her husband had safely passed it. Through the next few days she tries to eat and sleep but is mostly unsuccessful. Her helper finally gets the first boat out to France and notices that they beat the Spy by at least 30 minutes; they make their way to the inn and through extra money pay their way to have her hide. Scarlet’s helper never returns after going to warn her husband, but her husband walk right into the inn with the spy. He uses the spy’s snuff addiction to trick him into snuffing salt and barely escapes. She quietly follows the spy and him many guards who are being led by a Jewish man. She accidentally got revealed and bound after they have surrounded the hut with her brother and an aristocrat inside. The spy ordered all the men to wait for Scarlet Pimpernel to enter the hut before attacking. At dawn, they realized that the aristocrat and her brother had escaped and were leaving soon, so they quickly beat the

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