Schizophrenia: Its Aetiology Essay

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Schizophrenia: its Aetiology

Lesley Stevens and Ian Rodin justified the need of acquisition to the mental disorders’ aetiology in their book “Psychiatry”. They pointed out the fact that psychiatrists need to be familiar with the contribution of a particular disorder in order to make a more confident in the diagnosis. Knowing the aetiology of psychotic disorder is as important as the diagnosis. For the simple reason that psychotic disorders do not have particular tests that can be made for diagnosis; on the contrary, physical illnesses do. Knowing the probability of patients vulnerability to a particular disorder helps in the diagnosis. They gave an example explaining that the probability of having angina is more likely in a 60-year-old …show more content…

However, 60% of schizophrenics have no biological relatives in which schizophrenia was diagnosed. Thus, hereditary alone cannot explain the aetiology of the disorder2.

Using the word “environment” in science has a wide range of definitions. It is publically associated with the surrounding environment such as family history, home, or work environments. Although it is true, it is not thorough. In science the word “environment” can mean abuse, drug use, or some birth complications. The fact that both monozygotic twins do not develop schizophrenia indicates the presence of environmental factors. One may have whereas the other does not. It suggests that environmental factors have an impact and can cause schizophrenia. 1 According to Lesley Stevens and Ian Rodin schizophrenia can be caused by minor congenital abnormalities, low birth weight, abnormalities of dermatoglyphics , small head circumference, and being born in winter months. Another environmental factor that is believed to increase the risk of schizophrenia is the exposure to viruses. Moreover, studies have shown that fathers’ ages are believed to increase the risk of schizophrenia. These studies present a potent connection between the fathers’ ages and offspring developing of schizophrenia. 2 As older the fathers are, the higher the risk of evolving schizophrenia in their offspring. It might be explained by the genetic mutations in the sperm which is

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