Schizophrenic Case Study

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1. Definition: o Some schizophrenic clients experience catatonic characteristics in which they have very little movement and moves the least amount possible. 2. Possible Causes/Risk Factors: o Unknown causes, some researchers believe it is from an imbalance of dopamine that is involved in the onset of this disorder o Risk factors:  Genetics  Fetus that was malnourished  Stress, especially in a person’s earlier years  If physical or mental abuse occurred in early childhood  If person experienced any trauma as a young child  A viral infection as a child 3. S/S: o Physical:  Agitated  Grimacing o Behavioral:  Unusual posture  Waxy flexibility  Odd mannerism  Moves over and over again with no reason  Quiet, little to no verbal response…show more content…
6. Nursing Interventions: o Establish a trusting relationship, so that the client will continue with treatment and feel able to open up o Provide a quiet, supportive environment; allows client to feel comfortable in this type of setting and he/she will want to be there o Assess clients ability to do certain things, this will allow more focus on some things over others depending on ability and importance o Assist with ADLs, allow client to be as independent as possible but be there for support or assistance if client needs support. o Explain the process of treatment and the importance of it, education will provide information on the depth and importance of what he/she will be going through and doing. o Assess clients need and attend to every aspect he/she might need help with, such as physical, emotional, nutrition and hydration; treatment involves the whole body and not just pieces o Administer Benzodiazepines:  Diazepam  Advise to take as directed  Do not operate heavy machinery or drive while taking  Only for short term use and for immediate action  Also if target symptoms are not decreased then it is important to gradually withdraw from
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