School Based Child And Youth Care

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Denholm and Watkins (1993) offer several models describing school-based child and youth care (CYC) practice, outlining the various methods by which CYC work operates and is integrated within schools. As is indicated in the description, the position offered is consistent with that of the “alternate program” model, which mostly “occurs in one specific location. The “…building and program are attached to an existing…school”, and the “staff are directly responsible to the school principal. Students in the “program (primarily adolescents) come from within this school population”, and the “child and youth care staff may or may not be direct employees of the school district” (Denholm, Chrest, & Pylypa, as cited in Denholm & Watkins, 1993, p. 85). Hence, within this position I would be a hired member of the school staff of the Foundations for the Future Charter Academy (FFCA) in Calgary Alberta, working alongside other professionals within an interdisciplinary team, answering directly to the school administration within a specific school location.
The position is intended to compliment the roles of teachers and other staff within the school in providing support for students as a “Youth Development Counselor”, albeit on a temporary basis for one school year. Specifically, my role would place me in a position as part of two distinct teams, as designated by the school administration. These include the School Services team, consisting of the coordinator of school improvement and family

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