School District Transitions From A Traditional 7-8 Junior High

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As the Bemus Point Central School District transitions from a traditional 7-8 Junior High, to a 6-8 Middle School it is important that the district works to ensure that it is a true transition and not simply a change in name. The addition of the 6th grade to the traditional 7-12th grade building as well as the need to update antiquated science classrooms has allowed the district embark on the first major building project at the high school since its opening in 1968. The building project gives Bemus Point the opportunity to start from the ground up and look at all aspects of our middle school program.
It is essential to the future success of the middle school program that there is a part of the building for middle level students to call
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The classroom should also have lightweight, moveable furniture can moved easily. This would allow the classroom teacher to reconfigure the room to meet specific instructional needs (UNC Charlotte).
The district needs to create more time in the schedule for the students to work collaboratively on projects and activities. Grade level teams of teachers need to be created. These teams will have a common schedule and common planning times which will allow for greater flexibility when creating lessons and activities. The team will also have the ability to meet regularly to deal with common issues, planning, and creating learning that differentiated to individual student needs (Brown & Knowles p. 77).
Throughout the curriculum, students need to be given the opportunity to explore information. The teacher needs act as facilitator of information and insure that the student has an accurate understanding of what is being learned (156). This will allow students to construct their own knowledge motivate understanding of the subject beging taught. In addition, allow students to explore will aid in the transition from the concrete thinking to the formal operational stage of development (157).
The district should create block scheduling for the middle school. An alternating day block schedule would give teachers more time in class for project based, cooperative learning assignments. (247). In a 90 minutes class, students would
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