School District Transitions From A Traditional 7-8 Junior High

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As the Bemus Point Central School District transitions from a traditional 7-8 Junior High, to a 6-8 Middle School it is important that the district works to ensure that it is a true transition and not simply a change in name. The addition of the 6th grade to the traditional 7-12th grade building as well as the need to update antiquated science classrooms has allowed the district embark on the first major building project at the high school since its opening in 1968. The building project gives Bemus Point the opportunity to start from the ground up and look at all aspects of our middle school program.
It is essential to the future success of the middle school program that there is a part of the building for middle level students to call home. In our current environment, our students part of he high school and regularly mix with high school students. For 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, sharing the halls with 17 and 18 year olds can cause a great deal of stress. This stress can affect cognitive processing of students (Browne and Knowes 93). By separating the students, the middle school teachers can begin to develop a caring environment that is specific to the developmental needs of middle level students.
When planning our middle school classrooms, emphasis should be placed on creating a space that encourages collaborative learning and utilizes modern technology. Walls should have multiple whiteboards, corkboards, and electronic display surfaces to allow students the…
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