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Why Block Schedules Are Beneficial to High School Students
I currently attend a class at Northwest Vista College, which is two days of the week and is and seventy-five minutes long. This class is more difficult than any other class I have, yet I have higher success in this class than my others. I am more successful because I have more time to study for such class, and because I am exposed to more interaction with my teacher. Not only is there more study time, my teacher equally has time to prepare more effective lessons, and activities. As opposed to my normal high school schedule consisting of seven classes, around forty-five minutes each, five days a week. In which I struggle more with those classes as each day there is a new lesson taught, …show more content…

Having seven classes one after the other, about forty-five minutes each is stressful. It's difficult to make all your classes a priority as it's a tight schedule. You have to worry about what you're doing in seven classes EVERY DAY. A report by the National Education Commission on Time and Learning advised: “schools to be less rigid in how they use time and urged the use of block scheduling and an extended school year”. It is important for schools to use the class hours wisely and effectively, not shoving in as much as they can into small timed classes. Advocates of block-scheduling say “longer classes create more opportunities for hands-on lessons and allow students to concentrate on their work for longer stretches without being interrupted by the ringing of a bell”. Allowing students more time to work puts less pressure of being ‘finished by the bell’. They also say less time is wasted. Block schedules reduce the time students use walking class to class, and the time it takes to get settled into the day's lesson. Once you decrease this time wasted and increase the learning period, students will feel less stress. They will have fewer things to worry about, as will the …show more content…

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