School Hour And The School Day

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School is the first chapter of the book of life. It is a source of knowledge and skill which facilitates brain development. A school shapes the character and attitude of a person. A discussion is ongoing in regard to the need to increasing school hours in the US. Currently in the US, the school day is eight hours long. Unite If a person does well in school the chance that he or she will succeed in life is very high. A good school produce a productive, creative and intellectual human beings who will be useful to their country, society and the world. Other people who don’t do well in school will mostly struggle to fulfill their own and their family basic needs. And mostly they will end up doing a hard labor and less paying jobs. One way …show more content…
This indicates that some poorly performing students seem to have been promoted initially, only to fail in a subsequent grade.”(Jorn-Steffen Pischke 27)
¬¬ A survey was conducted in Secaucus High School to see what students think about school. People who were asked what the good and the bad things of longer school days had about the same concept. The good things was that it allowed student more time to learn and review materials while the bad things were school getting boring and no time for after school sports and activities. A longer school year was not supported by the majority compared to the longer school hours, because it didn’t give enough time for students to let go all work from school. Something picked up from the survey was that people who chose China have 9-10 hours every day also believed that longer time in school brought better effects while people who voted 6-8 hours thought that school would not benefit if it was shorter. That piece of information concludes that if students had knew what good performing schools do it might makes them think that spending more time in school is essential.
Time is an essence and without it quality becomes a problem. One big problem in school is that teachers need to be able to teach everything they need to in the short time of class they have. These cause teachers to run into many problems. One problem is they sometimes skip over some information like it’s not important or thinking that all students

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