School Hour And The School Day

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School is the first chapter of the book of life. It is a source of knowledge and skill which facilitates brain development. A school shapes the character and attitude of a person. A discussion is ongoing in regard to the need to increasing school hours in the US. Currently in the US, the school day is eight hours long. Unite If a person does well in school the chance that he or she will succeed in life is very high. A good school produce a productive, creative and intellectual human beings who will be useful to their country, society and the world. Other people who don’t do well in school will mostly struggle to fulfill their own and their family basic needs. And mostly they will end up doing a hard labor and less paying jobs. One way we can help a student to have a successful life is if the school time would be longer. The length of school influences the amount of information taken and understood by students. There has been information suggesting that the length of the school hour does influence the amount of information taken in. For example, in China the school hours are ten hours in a day and the country in 2014 achieved the highest score in math, science, and language. This shows that the more time allocated to education the more that the students excel and achieve good results. In Russia and the US, schools are only given seven hours a day. This may be one of the reasons that these two countries ranked low in testing. In 2014, the US was ranked 24th in
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