School Of Immunity And Infection

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Vassiliy N BAVRO
School of Immunity and Infection

Foundation of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (FLHE1)

Summative Assessment

Registration: Jan 2015


In the following pages I attempt to summarise and reflect upon my teaching experiences and interactions with students at different levels as a part of my role as a Birmingham Fellow. Birmingham Fellows are by definition primarily research-focused and protected from teaching, hence my teaching exposure is relatively (and necessarily) limited. Notwithstanding that, I was very enthusiastic to take part in the PCAP FLTHE module in anticipation of my future transition to a full-lecturer position.

In the first part of this Summative Assessment I will try to substantiate my conception of teaching in experimental natural sciences and analyse it reflectively based on the literature sources, as well as in the light of the knowledge gathered as a part of the PCAP course and peer-observation sessions.

In the second part I provide a compilation of my observations of the interactions at different levels – from first year students to project students, to post-graduate and PhD supervision, and across different audience sizes. Each of these presented a unique opportunity and specific challenges that I had to take into account, address and conceptualise. I also present and compare my experiences in working with different size audiences at both delivery and feedback stages and my reflections on how this informs my…
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