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Vassiliy N BAVRO School of Immunity and Infection Foundation of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (FLHE1) Summative Assessment Registration: Jan 2015 Foreword: In the following pages I attempt to summarise and reflect upon my teaching experiences and interactions with students at different levels as a part of my role as a Birmingham Fellow. Birmingham Fellows are by definition primarily research-focused and protected from teaching, hence my teaching exposure is relatively (and necessarily) limited. Notwithstanding that, I was very enthusiastic to take part in the PCAP FLTHE module in anticipation of my future transition to a full-lecturer position. In the first part of this Summative Assessment I will try to substantiate …show more content…

Trying to cover quite a broad canvas with a few brushstrokes would unavoidably result in some sections having to be less verbose to allow for the required word limit. Content: Part 1. Developing an effective teaching strategy 1.1. - My concept of teaching and where it fits in the 1.2.Formative experiences; 1.3. What makes an effective teacher. Understanding one’s limitations and addressing them. (non-native speaker etc.) Constructivism; Rogers’s views Homo ludens The place of PCAP … Personal development… 1. 5. Interaction with peers – peer observation and what I’ve learned from that. Implementing such teaching in practice – case study and taking teaching concepts into Part 2. One size doesn’t fit all – differences in teaching different size groups Part 4. Marking and examination; Case study – MSc thesis… Part 5. Feedback and improving on it - case study the design of the feeback questionnaire; suggestions for the future… Part 6. Innovation in the class-room – case study with the “star concept”. Part 7. My plans for the future – becoming a better teacher; Innovation… Ideas – teaching as a game; (3D fitting of… ) Blog for feedback? The following work contains (…. Words) – min 4k/max 5k Part 1. Developing an effective teaching strategy and some reflective thoughts on my teaching style. I would like to start by introducing myself and

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