School Readiness Is An Issue Of Concern Essay

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In early childhood education, school readiness has been becoming an issue of concern. Early childhood educators have the responsibility to prepare the child to demonstrate certain skills, behaviour and abilities that are essential for getting them ‘ready for school’ and their ‘school-success’. Children are prepared to excel in certain key areas of learning so that they can meet certain kindergarten standards and expectations of curriculum.
According to Maxwell & Clifford (2004), “School readiness involves more than just children. School readiness, in the broadest sense, is about children, families, early environments, schools, and communities. Children are not innately “ready” or “not ready” for school. Their skills and development are strongly influenced by their families and through their interactions with other people and environments before coming to school” (p. 42). Interaction of children with their teachers, parents and surroundings provide enriched and learning experiences to the child that lays the groundwork for further learning and development. Although school readiness is a multi-dimensional concept that has many advantages, but it has been becoming a discourse within the field of early childhood education. There are certain fixed goals, procedures and outcomes and child is viewed as ‘incomplete’ which has to ‘become complete’ by engaging in certain activities that enhance their learning and development. The children are classified into
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