School Shootings, It Shook The Nation

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Flooding every major media outlet making headlines across the country are school shootings, it shook the nation when twenty, first graders and six adults were killed by Adam Lanza, a twenty year old man who shot his mother in the head before taking her car and driving to Sandy Hook Elementary. Other school shooting have occurred since then and it brought up the issue of gun control, some politicians even supported the idea of giving teachers guns to have in the classroom. I am against allowing teachers to have guns in the classroom in the name of protection and security. What is your initial point of view? My initial point of view is adding more guns to a hostile situation by giving teachers guns does not solve schools security issues in trying to keep children safe. Spending valuable money should not go into training teachers on how to use a gun, it should go into educating all staff members and students on emergency drills and lock downs in case of a school shooting. Even upgrading security systems would be more helpful in a hostile situation rather than depending on one person killing another to save everyone. How can you define your point of view more clearly? I can define my point of view more clearly by asking questions that maybe many people have not wanted to ask for the fear of receiving a selfish answer. For example has anyone asked a teacher, even with the training and the gun in your hand are you really ready to kill someone? The state and the school are
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