School Should Be A School

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When thinking of school, one might imagine a place filled with students lugging around heavy backpacks full of math and English homework, teachers giving lectures on the Civil War or the functions of a cell, and classrooms full of desks and dull decorations. But, it is exactly this mindset that proves America has gone wrong with education. Instead of a learning environment in which students are tested on mindless information, school should be a place where new and creative thinking is encouraged. While young children coloring with crayons may seem more appropriate for a break time than class time, schools should consider implementing more artistic classes into their curriculum. The American education system places a heavy focus on core classes such as math, reading, and science, but fails to recognize the importance of another set of courses that benefit students: fine arts programs that include painting, sculpting, music, and drama that can help children develop basic skills, reduce stress levels in students, and improve academic performance, all of which prepare children and teenagers to enter the adult world with the tools necessary to build their own success.
The arts help stages of crucial development in children and adolescents. Art has many developmental benefits for young children and adolescents. Art improves motor skills and is crucial for fine motor skills, those that require precision over strength. Milestones in motor skill development can also be tracked by…
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