School Uniforms The New Change Of The World

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School Uniforms the New Change of the World Over the past few years many people have voiced their opinions on whether or not school uniforms should be a requirement in public schools. “This is because many school administrators, faculty, and some parents feel this is needed to put a stop to violence, improving discipline, resistance of peer pressure; while giving them back the sense of belonging” (Wilde, 1998, pg. 100). With the way students show up to school, they tend to break the school dress code by wearing; short shorts, t-shirts that don 't cover the bust, or belly and gang related attire. That’s why school uniforms are a must in today’s society, due to the many different choices one makes when it comes to…show more content…
Although, some feel this is still violating ones right to freedom of expression, through having a say it what they will; and can wear in the public sector. “There was a great article written by Jeffery Earl Warren regarding school uniforms (San Francisco Chronicle, April 2, 2007). His ending statement reads: Uniforms allow children the right to distinguish themselves by the deeds they’ve done, not the duds they wear”. While parents today seem to be way to lax on what is appropriate attire in their book, compared to the schools guideline; it just shows that there is a need for support and encouragement when trying to encourage discipline in these youngsters. Parents seem to close their eyes to reality, and feel it’s the child’s right to wear what they like to school. Have they even taken the time, to pay close attention to what their child is actually wearing before heading off to school? Or, do they just close a blind eye to everything and leave it up to them to make their own choices. Whatever, happened to parenthood, taking control of situations such as these; and standing your ground with your child? Teaching them how to properly dress, proper etiquette, and to treat others the way they’d like to
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