School Uniforms The New Change Of The World

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School Uniforms the New Change of the World

Over the past few years many people have voiced their opinions on whether or not school uniforms should be a requirement in public schools. “This is because many school administrators, faculty, and some parents feel this is needed to put a stop to violence, improving discipline, resistance of peer pressure; while giving them back the sense of belonging” (Wilde, 1998, pg. 100). With the way students show up to school, they tend to break the school dress code by wearing; short shorts, t-shirts that don 't cover the bust, or belly and gang related attire. That’s why school uniforms are a must in today’s society, due to the many different choices one makes when it comes to clothing, appearance; and overall style; compared to the recommended wear chosen by school administrators. While some families feel that imposing a strict dress code is infringing on their rights, others agree it’s something that needs to be reconsidered and changed; in order to gain back fairness in one’s clothing preferences. Although, many student like to have choices in what they wear, others believe in having things decided for them; in regards to allowable wear to avoid any rhetorical comments. This will put a halt to the overwhelming peer pressure that is put onto others, just for them to fit in to a curtain circle of friends; because they hadn’t gone out of their way to purchase the newest fashion on the market. Because they choose to go…
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