School Wide Approach For Addressing School Bullying Prevention Program

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Comprehensive Programs As a foundation, a comprehensive, school-wide approach is essential to addressing school bullying (Aluedse, 2006). Such an approach requires collaboration among all stakeholders including students, teachers, counselors, administration, and parents, creating a shared sense of investment and ownership (Austin et al., 2012). Rather than simple modification to existing character education lessons, a comprehensive approach addresses systemic change and individual interventions. Cunningham and Whitten (2007) discussed the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, a whole-school prevention program widely implemented and researched. Encompassing the whole school, the program contains school-wide, classroom, and individualized components. The program’s objectives include increasing awareness and problem assessment, environmental/ school climate strategies, classroom-focused strategies, and individual interventions. Extensive research indicates positive results in decreasing bullying and victimization. The authors also mention the importance of program monitoring and assessment to ensure thorough and comprehensive implementation. Comprehensive approaches, like the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, are foundational to ensuring the protection and safety of students to facilitate academic, social, and career development. As a component of comprehensive approaches, diverse individual interventions should be considered (Cunningham & Whitten, 2007). Rayle et al. (2007)
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