School Year Round School Research Paper

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Throughout the school year, most students look forward to summer vacation. You could say it is the symbol that represents the end of another school year. However, some educators believe that summer vacation isn’t necessary. Some think that school should be year-round, with a longer winter break, 3-4 week summer break, and a week off in the spring and fall. It may be conceivable, but is not a very good idea. Everything should stay the way it is as of right now, where school lets out in late May or early June. Firstly, Summer is the season in which there are multiple activities to do that are inaccesible in the winter. These hobbies involve hiking, fishing, swimming, running/walking, shopping, and the ability to get out of the house more. The only burden to this is the hot weather, rain, thunderstorms. With the burden of snow and cold weather, most of these activities are not accesible or are …show more content…

If the students worked year-round, they would get very exhausted from constantly working all of the time. The 2-3 month break between school years definitely helps the students clear their minds. After the much needed break, students could come back to school with a fresh mind and be ready to start another grade with the challenge of harder classes. Lastly, summer is the time when football practice starts for most high schools. Lots of students out of every high school usually enroll in a football program each year. During the summer, football practices generally last longer because of how much free time there is to work with. This is where two-a-days come in. These practices consist of a practice in the morning, a break, then an evening practice. If school continued through the summer, the students and football program would lack this extra practice needed to quickly shape up the athletes for when the official games

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