Schooling In America Research Paper

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Schooling in America needs to undergo a few changes. Currently, we are stuck with a teacher-centered way of educating and even though we will still need components of that it is now time to consider how important it is to more fully integrate student voices and what the students find meaningful. I believe the primary purpose of school in America should be to create students and people who are culturally literate problem solvers that are prepared to live comfortably and, if they feel it necessary, compete or create change in the world Currently we are focused on how we compare to other countries (mostly by means of test scores); we aren’t looking at the whole picture.

When we take a step back it can be realized that we need to mold students that are prepared to live comfortably in the world and, by doing so, better the world and that is what needs to be focused on. By doing this we can properly prepare students for the realities they will face while creating necessary changes to the society they want to live in. Helping students prepare to face the world will help students find the balance between creative thinking and critical thinking, both of which are important components.

Most students like to be hands on and learn by doing. With the lack of focus on the arts and creative fields we don’t realize we can teach the essentialist core
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But only up to a point. As the number of choices we face increases, the psychological benefits we derive start to level off. At the same time, some of the negative effects of choice begin to appear, and rather than leveling off, they accelerate” (Schwartz, Barry. "The Tyranny of Choice." Apr. 2004). By allowing them to pick from fewer choices we are allowing them to put their all into one confident choice and not letting them worry about the “what ifs” of so many other
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