Schopenhauer 's On The Sufferings Of The World Essay

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In “On The Sufferings of the World,” Arthur Schopenhauer has a pessimistic outlook on life. He believes that suffering is a part of life and that without suffering, the world would be an even more miserable place. As many people may assume, life gets better as you grow older. Schopenhauer however disagrees with this statement and claims that life continually deteriorates. Before reading this piece I strongly believed that I was an optimist. I always like to see the bright side of situations but, Schopenhauer really gave me a different outlook on life, a pessimistic view, and I surprisingly agreed with many of his ideas. Although this is true, at the end of the reading, I disagreed with more ideas than not. Therefore, I do not think that Schopenhauer’s account on life is a good proposal to live by because not everyone is continuously miserable in their life and it is perfectly reasonable to have a positive outlook on life.
Schopenhauer believes that our whole lives are supposed to consist of suffering. He states, “It is the good which is negative; in other words, happiness and satisfaction always imply some desire fulfilled, some state of pain brought to an end” (1). When we are happy we are not suffering and according to Schopenhauer this is bad. I on the other hand disagree with this idea and propose the question of whether or not happiness is truly something that could be considered negative? Personally, I don’t see any negative aspects to being happy and I don’t believe
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