Science And Art Of Nature

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For thousands of years, humans have utilized the natural environment for nearly all aspects of life. As we progressed as a species,
We have become obsessed with expressing our ingenuity through our technologies, particularly infrastructure. As our structures were made bigger and “better”, the disconnect between our built environment and natural world has become more apparent. While these conventional buildings helped establish our current status of our society, recent shortcomings in their designs are starting to be exploited. Buildings often lack identity, efficiency and functionality due to the constraints of the standards of man-made design. Our infrastructure accounts for 40 percent of all greenhouse emissions, making it the largest single contributor to climate change. One new approach is steadfast in reviving the genius of nature and applying these concepts to our infrastructure. This idea of Biomimicry is defined as the science and art of emulating Nature 's best biological ideas to solve human problems. While the transition from conventional to biomimicry influenced design has been minor, the structures that have adopted this idea are serving as a catalyst towards a building revolution.
Biomimicry is becoming more influential in architectural design due to the recent insights gleaned by this practice. Biomimicry applied design can be dissected into three main areas based upon the scale of the element that is being mimicked. The Organism level concentrates on a

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