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Science I-search

When the word scientist is mentioned, the public most commonly accepts this word in a positive sense. Scientists are known to find the cure for diseases and heal people through their research. Not until the genetic revolution have scientists been shunned and viewed as malevolent to the community. When the term genetic revolution is used, I am pertaining mainly to the issue of cloning. After the new discovery by Scottish researchers, who were responsible for creating the sheep that captured the attention of the world, the society's reproduction and moral issues have taken a different meaning in life. Since this new discovery of cloning scientists now have more power than ever and along with this power comes great
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If our government doesn't control the research and laboratory experiments that are occurring around the world, I am almost certain chaos will spread world spread. When dealing with such an enormous discovery, the positive arguments may be great, however, what always comes with the good is the bad. The search: Starting the search, I found myself on the telephone asking all my family and friends who called that day, what topic I should do for my research paper. Since our class spent a great deal of time exploring articles that pertained to creation of man and science progression, I thought cloning would be a great topic. The issue of cloning pertains to both creation and the progression of science, making this topic perfect for what this class has been covering. After reading the articles assigned in class, I was introduced to other people's views about how they feel and what direction society should take with science. The excerpts, from Mary Shelly's Frankenstein talks about how Frankenstein feels after creating his monster. He knew what he had done because his work was his whole life. Frankenstein was so driven by science, that he could not realize the consequences when he produced the creature, and ultimately allowed it to cause destruction throughout the entire community. Also in the article from writer, Michael Bishop, we see how
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