Scientific Management

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Scientific Management is a system that was originated from Fredrick W. Taylor (1911), which composite analysis of worker’s individual workflow and their labour productivity. The main purpose of this theory is to maximize efficiency within organisations to speed up the process of work in the minimum amount of time and cost incurred by the organisation (Ross 2010). Taylor believed that the most efficient way that work could be done was only when workers knew what they were doing and not merely working hard. (Mindtools)

Scientific Management focuses on four main principles. Firstly, different parts of the task are studied scientifically for a best possible method to achieve and perform it. Secondly, workers are scientifically selected and
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Fredrick Taylor had a similar approach called the ‘initiative and incentive’ system. He believes that only when employees get incentives, will they take initiative in their work and put their best efforts in. (Freedman 1992)

In Foxconn case, there have been a rising number of unhappy employees. In interviews with The New York Times, most hire in Foxconn last averagely a few months before they quit dejected and depressed. There have been ten of thousands who have already left the company (Barboza 2010). This shows that even the incentives given to them were not justified compared to the amount of workload, mundane and harsh working environment. Taylor believed that money was the main reason for the employee’s motivation and hard work. His theory of “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work” was supported by the higher amount of salaries that was given to employees who achieved more results throughout the day as compared to those who did lesser (Mindtools). According to the Hawthorne Studies by Elton Mayo, it is seen that there has to be social motivating factors and not just monetary incentives. Some of which includes, interpersonal relations between employees and managers. Elton Mayo believes that it is important for co-workers to feel like friends for a better work environment. However, Scientific Management shows the lack of compassion for the employees, as there was not supposed to be communication between them. All that was

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