The Principles Of Scientific Management Focus On Increasing

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The principles of scientific management focus on increasing employees’ productivity and efficiency. After joining the industry, Taylor identified three fundamental characteristics of the industry that contributed to its inefficiency. Their identification facilitated the development of the basic principles of scientific management, which guided Taylor in eliminating waste, increasing productivity, and efficiency. The elimination of waste functioned because of the systematization of production process, systematization of tools, standardization of work and the wage incentive all created to increase productivity (Tompkins, 2005). According to Tompkins (2005), monetary incentive remains a practicable option, which public agencies utilize to …show more content…

Taylor’s theory was more applicable to manufacturing industry than the current service industry, hence why it needs modification. He did not foresee the future of service industry and telecommuting jobs. Telecommuting jobs are currently increasing in availability and popularity. These jobs require innovative skills, promote managerial flexibility, autonomy, and use high level of technology, which do not demand physical power like manufacturing industry. Presently, more companies have shifted their focus from extrinsic motivation to intrinsic motivation, which matches the needs of today’s workforce. Nowadays companies employ different motivation strategies to motivates their employees. For example, they use job rotation, job enlargement, and empowerment, which Taylor did not mention. Job rotation is a temporary switching of job assignments, while job enlargement is increasing the variety and number of tasks within a job (DuBrin, 2011). Based on the above argument, the theory’s problem is its failure to utilize other motivation strategies like job rotation, job enlargement, and empowerment.
There are several ways of improving the scientific management theory to suit today’s workforce. For instance, companies can use job rotation, job enlargement, employee empowerment, and telecommuting. Job rotation provides an exceptional opportunity regarding the sharing of knowledge from the senior/experienced

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