Scoliosis Case Studies

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Poor postural awareness may develop different kinds of spinal deformity. The abnormal curvature of the spine is due to a neuromuscular disorder or muscular imbalances as well as habitual posturing ( Boissonnault, 2011). Progression of spinal deformity if left untreated may affect a person's function. Scoliosis is one of the spinal deformity of the spine which the bodies of the vertebrae deviate laterally in a horizontal direction (McKinnis,2014). Finding the severity of the lateral curvature of the spine will assist a health professional to determine an appropriate plan of care. One of the significant measurement used to assess the degree of scoliosis is Cobb method or angle via radiologic imaging (McKinnis,2014). Cobb method helps to…show more content…
Various authors have been researching the relevance of the Cobb method comparing conventional technique as compared to digital technology, but most of them utilize a spinal model instead of the actual patient's spine, numerous scoliotic parameters, magnitude and different pre-selected vertebral endplate (Tanure et al., 2010). Therefore, Tanure et al., (2010) performed a study of forty-nine patients with actual panoramic radiography with scoliosis and with random demographic characteristics. The radiographic images of the clients were taken in PA view and observed according to the policy of International Commission on Radiologic Protection guidelines (Tanure et al., 2010). The research performed with two classes…show more content…
According to Tanure et al. (2010) manual Cobb method is dependable as a digital method but the other authors have different opinions between manual and digital method. Based on Gstoettner.(2007), the digital method does not improve the accuracy in Cobbs measurement. Having a new tool for assessing the scoliotic curve via Cobb technique using the digital technology seems to have several advantages including the improve quality of the panoramic film, fast and labor saving, quick and productive. The computerized method has a large data storage, able to adjust the border, contrast and has a zoom control to enable the evaluator to identify and mark the skeletal framework thus, has the capacity of directly comparing the panoramic film from the previous markings and may enable to reduce the discrepancies of the calculations between the examination Tanure et al., 2010). The digital technology enhances the quality of the x-ray images (Allen, 2007). The computerized method has a large data storage and has the capacity of directly comparing the panoramic film.Furthermore, the digital technique omits the crucial human error due to utilizing various conventional protractors, different kinds of markers and can be electronically shared with the patient and health professionals (Shea et al.,
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