Scout, Scout And Dill

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6 (a) List the episodes in the story so far which involve the Radley Place as they appear to Jem, Scout and Dill. (b) What is the real significance of these episodes? -One day, Scout finds a tree hole in one of the Radley’s trees filled with Wrigley gum. Scout becomes anxious but her fear of Boo Radley becomes slightly lower after nothing bad happens to her. Then, on the last day of school, Jem finds two old Indian head pennies in the knothole. This discovery sparks the curiosity of Jem and Scout as they wonder if Boo Radley is placing these “gifts” here. -One day, Jem, Scout and Dill are playing with an old tire. Scout rolls in it and ends up in the front yard of the Radley place. Scout is terrified and the incident begins to ignite…show more content…
8 Describe the Christmas visit to Finch’s Landing. On Christmas Day, Atticus takes his children, Jem and Scout, and his brother Jack to Finch’s Landing. Finch’s Landing is an old house in the country where Alexandra, Atticus’s sister, and her husband live. During the visit, Scout meets Francis, Alexandra’s grandson who Scout thinks is the most boring child that she has ever talked to. Scout also meets Alexandra, who comes off as proper and pretentious, and insists that Scout dress more like a lady. 9 (a) Describe the episode involving Tim Johnson, the mad dog. (b) What do we learn from this episode of Atticus’s character? One day, a mad dog with the name Tim Johnson comes out of nowhere and begins to wander down the main street toward the Finches’ house. The children notice the dog and tell Calpurnia who then looks at the dog for a brief second and immediately calls Atticus. Atticus and Sheriff Tate then pull up to the scene. Sheriff Tate hands Atticus a rifle and asks him to shoot the rabid dog. Reluctantly, Atticus does so, hitting and killing the dog with only one shot from a far distance away. From this episode, the reader learns of Atticus’s great humility. Atticus is an expert in shooting and had been nicknamed “One-shot Finch” as a child. Yet, neither Jem nor Scout had any knowledge of
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