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Scrum is the best agile methodology used today. features are written from the perspective of end user therefore features--->known as user stories

Collection of all user stories-->product backlog
Into a particular release which user stories v r gng to put resp of Product owner makes sure that the right features make it into the product backlog rep the users n customers of the product,she helps consider the direction of the product resp of Scrum master-->project is running smoothly, every member fulfills their job,sets meetings and monitors the work being done and facilitates release planning other team members
Developer build the product
Tester test it to make sure it runs smoothly
Customer use it n hopefully pay fo it
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ves obstacles) product owner --> primararly resp for bringing in return on investment in d company , thy want to make sure tht thy minimize the oppurtunity cost as much as possible so the scrum teams time should be spent on activities tht derive most value for company and cuastomer
*product visionary(knows what customer needs
*voice of customer
*master of product backlog
*AKA(authority ie how product owner must be)knowledge with industrty,availble for scrum team a-->to execute their duties k-->to understand customer base a-->to help scrum team
DEV team member-->devloping the product n cresting something
*creates product
*self organized
*team mentality(avoids the not my job trap)
Scrum framework: key pieces of user story
As a [role]
I want [feature] so I can [benefit] in product backklog the product owner chooses the user stories by(backlog refinement)
ADDING/SUBTRACTING items splitting,merging n estimating items sprint planning(planning user stories for each sprint) what work wil be done how will the work be done definition of done sprint review:gvn demo to stake holders n getting feedback
(1hr for every
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