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Robert McGee writes The Search For Significance in order to answer the question, “What are we to be secure in?”. Many people in this world are insecure and don’t have very high self esteem. Most of these people try to hid this on the outside. The main reason people are insecure is because they find their security in themselves. Whether it be in the clothes they wear, success in sports, the amount of money they have, or even the people they hang out with. The truth is, what we have on earth doesn’t even matter. “We do not have to be successful or pleasing to others to have a healthy sense of self-esteem and worth.” This quote is a very good summary of the main point of this book. Our worth has been given to us by God and it will always be that …show more content…

This is having a sense of pride when you reach a certain standard and applying it to other situations. People who struggle with this are often fearful of failure and often times don’t finish projects they are working on. God has forgiven our sins through HIs justification, therefore we are good enough to Him.
“Approval Addict”. This type of person fears rejection and only cares about what other people think about him/her. Only the approval of other people makes them feel good about themselves. What they don’t realize is that our relationship with God is the only thing that matters. God has already accepted us, so why should we work so hard at getting the acceptance of others?
“The Blame Game”. These people feel like because of their failures they are unworthy of love and should be punished. They try to avoid failure by punishing others. God sees past our failures and gives us unconditional love. “I am loved therefore I am able to love and I don’t have to be the judge of others”. This should be sufficient to us, justice has already been satisfied.
“Shame”. People with shame often times have the mindset of “I am what I am and I cannot change.” They have inferiority, passivity, and loss of creativity. They are often isolated and cut off from others. In order to get passed this, we need to put our faith in Christ. This will change …show more content…

After almost everything he writes, he follows it with a bible verse. For example, he uses Bible verses to show us the correct way to think in each major psychological problems of our day. For the first problem, McGee uses Romans 5:1. This verse shows us that we shouldn’t be afraid of failure or not being good enough because we are, and will always be, good enough to God. Next, he uses Colossians 1:21-22 to show that even though we have sinned, He has restored us and we have been accepted through Him and that’s all that matters. For the third problem, McGee corrects the mindset with 1 John 4:9-11. Because Jesus came and died for our sins, despite our flaws and mistakes, and because God shows us unconditional love, we should also love others and do not have the right to judge. Finally, the author uses John 3:3-6 to disprove the fourth problem. We have the chance to be “reborn”. Although many people believe we can’t change who we are, we can absolutely be changed when accepting the

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