Seaside : The Development Of A Charming American Town

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Jeremiah R. Blocker
Final Term Paper
December 3, 2013

Seaside: The Development of a Charming American Town There is a movement among architects, city planners, designers and real estate developers that desire to return to a simpler way of living. A way of designing communities that at its essence captures the design traditions of years past while also avoiding some of the pitfalls of modern city development. A desire exists to avoid the prefabricated homes and endless urban sprawl of strip malls that have arisen all over the modern American landscape. Some see this as a return to classical traditions of city design that incorporates the rich architectural planning of traditional, small southern towns. For these people, the
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Seaside is one of the first communities that follows the pattern of New Urbanism and has become one of the most successful pre-planned, master built communities that illustrates the vision of traditional, community living. The community of Seaside has prompted numerous additional developments that have attempted to copy the character and principles encapsulated in Seaside. One example in Florida is the community of Celebration. This brainchild of the Disney Corporation drew early inspiration from Seaside and has in itself become a case study in master planned communities that seek to incorporate the principles of New Urbanism.
Today, Seaside exists as a small town with a population estimated to be around 2,000 residents with approximately 350 homes and about 300 other structures. Structures include shops, tennis courts, recreational facilities, a performing art house, school and shops all combined with the residential cottages and homes making up Seaside.
As charming as Seaside might be to the casual observer, Seaside raises some interesting questions about real estate development. As the demographics and trends change generationally, what is the impact of a pre-planned community such as Seaside? What was the original vision for Seaside and how did the idea come about? What was the plan for developing Seaside? How was the plan implemented? What team was put into place to create the
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