Seaworld Orlando Marine Park : The World As A Place Of Fun For The Whole Family

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SeaWorld is known around the world as a place of fun for the whole family and the many species of marine creatures provide killer entertainment. This is something that senior trainer Dawn Brancheau, witnessed first hand on February 24 2010. About a dozen patrons of the SeaWorld Orlando marine park watched on in horror as she was dragged underwater by a killer whale named Tilikum. It’s safe to say that the 50 or so members of the audience saw another side of the happy theme park as the show ultimately ended in the death of Brancheau, one of SeaWorld Orlando’s most experienced trainers. Brancheau was something of a hometown star, a senior trainer of SeaWorld’s performing killer whales. As she arrived at work on the morning of February 24, Brancheau learnt she’d be handling the midday “Dine with Shamu” event, (Shamu being the stage name given to the “star” of various orca shows at the park). The show included guests paying to have lunch by a pool as the trainer puts a lone whale through low-key “behaviours” (an industry term for tricks). That day Brancheau would be preforming the daily show with Tilikum, SeaWorld’s 5.4 tone breeding bull, and the largest recorded animal ever to be in captivity. The show went like hundreds before, as guests began filing out Brancheau moved to a ledge covered in about 25cm of water. There, she crouched next to Tilikum for a “relationship session”, but what began as a tender moment quickly turned into a horror movie. Suddenly, Tilikum grabbed
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