Second And Third Wave Feminism

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Throughout the twentieth century feminist movements changed the first world dramatically, but during the second half the twentieth century the views and goals of what women wanted in life changed from simply asking for fair pay and equal rights to jobs to wanting their lifestyle changed. The impact of the second and third wave of feminists held a positive sphere around the fact that women had a bigger voice in politics and economics, but socially feminism was almost purely negative. Feminist groups, mostly in the late second wave and the entirety of the third wave, consisted almost entirely of misandrists.

The feminist movements of the second half of the twentieth century made great leaps for women in politics as well as the level of education women were receiving.
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Male suicide rate, bias towards men in family courts, domestic violence against men, men who are victims of rape and depression in men are all rising percentages because of second and third wave feminism. Second wave feminism and the radical groups surrounding it such as the Women's Liberation Group have given women a voice, but the late second and the entirety of the third wave have created a social imbalance between the genders resulting in a cataclysmic rise in negative male statistics.

Overall the feminist movements of the second and third wave have made a good positive difference for both women and the global society as whole, however the radical groups of the second wave and the third wave overall have created a negative sphere around the mistreatment of the genders, and as a result men have become the more discriminated gender. The changes in politics and the new wave of political feminism which tackles the idea of equality between men and women is where the feminist movement stride towards and stops the silence of male
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