Secondary School Of Computing And The Arts

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Lostcause secondary school of computing and the Arts has asked us to design a new computer class room to support both subjects of computing and arts, and since both arts and computing are both excellent standard, we would need to match its excellent status. This would have a room where half of the room which would be specialised in both specified, where if it was for arts, there would be added software like photoshop, and other editing software. I would say having one half of the room for arts and the other half computing make sense because students will know where to find themselves for specified subjects. Or they can be mixed but as long as there is specific software being added.
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This will cover what is needed, what hardware and software are needed. what needed/ specific computers/specific devices
There will be a lot needed into making the class to have computers which will support both subjects. This is because computing and art are different subjects and having to bring both subjects together could demand a lot. Computers will be the key feature to making this class.
There is more into art than just having a pen and drawing or painting pictures on a paper. The technology has advanced and discovered new kind of art within computers. Most of the modern day computers can support computing and basic art. In order to have a fully functioning computer that can cover both subjects is having to get suitable software and having the right aspects in a computer. You don’t want to be buying a computer and having to install a software which will reduce the performance of the computer. It’s important to know the aspects of a computer before buying.
The most suitable computers I would recommend are apple based computers, HP, Dell and Samsung. These are big brands and most reliable. There are more computer companies that are suitable for both computing and arts but for now choose to call out the big names for a simple fact. They have a wider range of usage in every continent. This means that if you have any technical difficulties that are pasted the school IT technician solving skills, you could easily

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