Secondary Transition Process

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The two videos I reviews were the Minnesota Department of Education: Age appropriate secondary transition process and resources and Writing Age appropriate measurable postsecondary goals and course of study. Both, videos stressed the importance for planning and assessing students using a variety of age appropriate transitional assessment. What are the most important points in these videos?
The first video Age appropriate secondary transition process and resources focuses on planning, assessing student, and available transitional services. According to the Minnesota Department of Education, transitional assessments and plans are required by the ninth grade, but can be started earlier if appropriate. In the Reauthorization of the Individuals with the Disabilities Act (IDEA) in 2004, each state is required …show more content…

All postsecondary goals must include goals based on training, education, employment, and independent living skills, when appropriate. Postsecondary goals should not be confused with the student’s measurable annual goals. Postsecondary goals are goals that the student will reach once leaving high school. IEP goals are the yearly steps designed to help the student reach their postsecondary goals and should be reviewed annually (Minnesota Department of Education, 2014). Postsecondary goals can change based on students’ needs and interests. Postsecondary goals should include what the student will do once they leave high school. An example of a measurable postsecondary goal is after graduation, Ann will enroll in a full time in a one year certification program. An example of a non-compliant postsecondary goal is Sue hopes to work in auto mechanics. (Minnesota Department of Education, 2014). Once students leave high school, schools are not responsible for measuring progress or compliance with postsecondary

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