Section 111: Pros And Cons Of Entering The Career

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who is living longer and needing the help they deserve. The idea that when I grow older people my age will be caring for me scares me. I need to advocate for the ones who need help as they might not be able to help themselves. Section 111: Pros and Cons of Entering the Career You need passion for helping people to make it in this field. Working in a nursing home setting requires providing direct support to someone. It is not just about handling problems but there is also administrative work. There is a lot of emotion demands of the job that can turn a con into a pro. This requires a strong personality as this job can be tough. I find that it would be easier to work with older population as they have established their lives. This job can be done in a variety of settings. There is educational requirements and a bachelor’s degree is the minimum for this position. It requires a conditional license where…show more content…
It might seem harder to speak to someone who is in a nursing home but there is no need to find someone intimidating. It takes patience and practice. This environment is changing daily and it not the same. I like change and not having a routine. This provides service to people in our society who have helped care for the generations before us and I want to be able to help with this. Section IV Professional Resources: There are many resources available for Social Services in a nursing home setting. I learned that there is a Social Worker Group for nursing homes that meet monthly to discuss issues, and idea to make a facility better. I was to attend this event and met many wonderful people who I will be able to have contact with. It is very important to have a list of resources that you can rely on. I started this list and have many websites to use. My supervisor could give me some local chapter of Social Workers. I contacted one of them, along with Southern Maine Agency on Aging and they contacted me
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