Essay on Securely Unstable: A Narrative Fiction

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Securely Unstable My day had been boring as usual. I skipped breakfast and got to school early, trying my hardest to find an empty classroom where I could avoid immersing myself in the social pandemonium more widely regarded to as High School. I believe I interact with as little people as possible. Their naive minds have yet to comprehend a matter more foreign them than the Mariana Trench; empathy. A simple expression of understanding and the capability to see oneself in another. My isolation is partly because I view many high-schoolers as small-minded, part of it is because high-schoolers are weary of me. I had a friend with whom I could confide all my secrets, so trustingly I told her about my condition. I should have guessed that would …show more content…

Even Eric got nervous when I was upset now. Instead of partaking in the social synergy, I made my way through the day avoiding eye contact. After 6th period I began walking myself to Math. Then I saw them. I was rather short so I ducked my head behind the bulky boy in front of me and ducked into the nearest bathroom. I rounded the door and slouched into a corner, staring at my shaking hands. I took deep breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth. “Stand up.” Her voice commanded. I was so wrapped up in myself I didn’t hear them come in. I lifted my head just enough to see three pairs of feet; each in a rather trashy looking pair of heels. “Are you freaking deaf? I said stand up,” she shouted. Her pink cheetah heels slapped the tile as she approached and I felt her hands grab the collar of my shirt. She yanked me up off the ground, forcing me to my feet. “Look at me.” She grabbed my face, her razored nails digging into my soft cheeks. I timidly lifted my eyes to hers, furrowing my brow. “Why’d you duck in here, are you avoiding me?” she spoke through the smacks of her gum, leaving fleck of her spit on my face. I averted my eyes once more. “Dont look away from me when I am talking to you. Now I asked a question and I expect an answer!” She pulled me towards her and then slammed me back against the wall, hitting the back of my head hard enough for me to see stars. “Isn’t that right

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