Windy Island Beach (Matt's Perspective)

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(Matt’s perspective) Our car screeched into the parking lot at the top of the hill at Windy Island Beach. The chilly, salty ocean air whipped through my hair and into my nose as we approached our parking spot. I jabbed the seat belt buckle with my thumb to unbuckle it and raced out of the car, almost tripping myself on a cub. Then, I saw her. We stared each other down slowly with hatred. Nicky, my WEFL (worst enemy for life), was standing right in front of me. Unbelievable. Her family, of all the families that could come, had just happened to come to the exact same beach at the exact same time as our family. What are you doing here?” I loathingly asked. “What do you mean, ‘What are you doing here?’ What are YOU doing here?” she frustratingly responded. “Matt! Come get some stuff from the car!” my mom called to me, pulling us from our trace of …show more content…

It was good to be back. (Nicky’s perspective) I still don’t understand how it was possible that Matt and his family are right here, right now. Matt. The most annoying human being ever to walk the earth. I was actually looking forward to this trip to the beach. Usually, I hate the beach because it’s windy, sand gets everywhere, salt water shoots into your mouth and nose as forcingly as a snowstorm, and through it all, I’m just plain miserable. But this trip, I came prepared, and so did the weather. The only thing I didn’t come prepared for was him. Matt. Even his name makes me annoyed. As I walk down the driftwood steps to the beach, I stare at the prideful glint he has in his eyes. The was he carelessly races around the beach. And him and his brother, Tony, chucking footballs at each others faces, nearly blowing up their eyes into a blue, black, and purple balloon. “You know him?” my older sister, Jennifer asks. I nearly drop everything I’m carrying. “Gosh Jenny! You scared me!” I say to her. Then I reply, “Yeah I know him. That’s Matt,” with bitterness in my

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