Securitization Of America

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1. Present your perspective on America’s national security before and after this course. My personal views on America’s national security policies have changed in two main ways after taking this course. Firstly, I have realized that there are many ways that terrorist groups operate, and the variety of different incentives and motivations for the individuals and groups are near infinite. One of the things that interested me was how government concessions can splinter terrorist group such as when the creation of the Irish Free State divided the Irish Republican Army, which led to their eventual surrender. The second primary way in which my view of securitization has changed is that I am now troubled and concerned by the ridiculous rhetoric about…show more content…
How has this course influenced your daily habits, beliefs, and actions, i.e. your world-view? Understanding the political nature of terrorism has helped me to understand numerous different social issues. Understanding of terrorism is not irrational, but emerges from genuine political disagreement is incredibly helpful. By this same logic, I now understand that criticism of protest movements, like black lives matter; often miss .the underlying structural point that there is systemic discrimination. This does not justify burning cars or looting buildings, but these problems cannot really be solved with police crackdowns. Instead, they can be solve with a genuine attempt to understand where these people are coming from. Instead of demonizing the protestor, we should seek to understand and empathize with them to achieve mutual understanding and encourage positive…show more content…
We need to continue to use these skills despite the sense of fear and hopelessness which terrorism engenders. This process requires a string faith humanity and a profound belief that all people in the world are worthy of safe communities and deserve the freedom to practice the religion of their choice. Freedom of religion and the ability to pursue happiness are foundational American principles. We cannot let our fear cause us to deny these basic rights to others. Of course, we also cannot neglect our own safety in the meantime. The issue of terrorism is a complicated issue than we can hope to understand. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between respect for the civil liberties American citizens have always enjoyed and the safety of others around the world. We need to continue to support Homeland Security and the FBI in their efforts to protect us, while at the same time helping a watchful eye. One of the great things about being an American is that we can protest infringements on our civil liberties. We do not want to lose these civil liberties as the result of another serious terrorist attack because we have been too
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