Security And Stability Of Internet

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policy related to security and stability of internet, exchange of information in the scientific community, affordability of the Internet in the developing world, disclose of emerging issues to the general public, use and misuse of the Internet among others.
Internet Software Piracy
Software is the programming language and the operative system that runs a computer and allows the user to execute actions such as send and receive information through pictures, music, videos, text messages, GPS coordinates, etc. Most of the software today require access to Internet before you can download them to your computer. Internet has changed humankind in several ways, including the way people illegally share media property to each other. In the past the unauthorized copyright of any computer program or software was possible only through the physical exchange of disks or other hard media either by mail or on the street. Today, based on a report issued by the Software Alliance (BSA) in October 2009, Internet Software Piracy occurs when the Internet: is used to:
• Access to sites to download copies of illegal software;
• Promote and commercialize pirated software that is forwarded hrough the mail and email; or
• Offer and transmit breaking codes and other tools to by-pass anti-copying security features.
This illegal activity is untraceable many times because the buyers of the illegal software are instructed to pay and download the product through different websites. It is a
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