Security Architecture Is Developed For Systems Providing End For End Communications

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X.805 security architecture is developed for systems providing end to end communications. It was developed by ITU-T SG 17 and was published in October 2003.
Issues which X.805 addresses are:
1. What type of protection is to be given against what kind of threats?
2. What are the various kinds of system gear and facility groupings that needs to be secured?
3. What are the different types of network exercises that needs to be secured?
X.805 architecture incorporates three security layers which are as follows:
• Infrastructure Security Layer: These are fundamental building pieces of networks services and applications. Example: routers, switches, servers etc.
• Services Security Layer: These are services given to end clients. Example: Cellular, Wi-Fi, QoS etc.
• Applications Security Layer: These are network based applications used by end-clients. Example: E-mail, E-commerce etc.
Security planes speak about the types of activities that occur on a network. X.805 architecture has three security planes, which are as follows:
• End – User Security Plane: This security plane represents the access and use of the network by the customers for various purposes, like value – added services, basic connectivity/transport etc.
• Control/Signaling Security Plane: This security plane represents activities that enable efficient functioning of the network.
• Management Security Plane: This plane represents the management of network elements, services and applications.
X.805 Security…
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