Security Force

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1. What is (describe) the framework for managing and leading a security force?
A security force is comprised of a team with a mix set of specific skills applicable to mission accomplishment. The supervisor is learned how to be led and groomed to be a leader. The successful security force must be coached and mentored by a person with balanced leadership and organizational management skills. According to Christopher (2009), the security force is managed and led by someone who can enable the element to accomplish expected goals. They provide guidance in the face of adversity. These challenges are growing pains in the development of a security force and ensuring they are up to par with adapting to frequent changes to threat analysis. The manager …show more content…

What are security Force operations and patrols?
Security Forces operation with covert and overt tactics, techniques, and procedure. Security operations and patrols controlling access, enforce policies and procedures, and provide a show of force throughout the facility. According to Christopher (2009), security focuses on areas with high vehicle and pedestrian activity. However, all areas of the facility are patrolled at an established frequency (195).

4. How is security planning coordinated between the port facility and vessel operations?
According to Christopher (2009), port security may not be directly tied to the internal operators of a vessel, however, they are usually equipped and trained to assist in certain situations. Some examples are fire, medical, and criminal investigation. To accomplish these tasks the Port FSO links with federal, state, and local law enforcement further justifying shared information. To embolden the success of shared information, the communication between the port facility and vessels is necessary in order to be successful. The end result is shared situational awareness. (pp. 204-205)

5. According to this week's readings, what aspects of cargo operations do you believe are critical in establishing a secure …show more content…

There is not specific part within a facility worth more or less scrutiny considering the criminal or terrorist will use the path of least resistance. Red cells may hurt some organizations feelings, but they are an absolute must in erasing how good the security force really is. I have never used my role in the red cell to make anyone look bad, but to show where improvement are required. The manager of that security force should take measures to correct red cell

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