The Four Sectors Of The Police Role In Homeland Security

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The four sectors or systems of the police role in homeland security are national security system, safety system, criminal justice system, and security system. “Since the events of September 11, 2001, it has been recognized that the police are an important part of the anti-terrorism effort, working in cooperation with the military, intelligence agencies, and others in the national defense or national security system” (Cordner, 2016, p.419). In light of their own perceptions and also data gave by the general population, police can assume the part of first preventers of terrorisms. “In accordance with the traditional view of policing, the police are the gatekeepers at the front end of the criminal justice system” (Cordner, 2016, p.419). The criminal justice system tires to prevent wrongdoings react when wrongdoing does happen, and make criminal cases of evidence against suspected guilty parties. Generally, whatever is left of the criminal equity framework relies upon the police, who control the section point to the framework and largely figure out which guilty parties will be taken care of by prosecutors, judges, and restorative authorities. The safety system key components in this framework incorporate fire assurance faculty, crisis medical staff, general wellbeing, doctor's facilities, and crisis directors. One more framework in which police have a critical influence is the security system. Safety system “takes on great importance in the homeland security context because it

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