Security Issues Of Cloud Computing Essay

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Problem Statement: The problem statement of report denotes the security issues in Cloud infrastructure accentuating as major constraints in the adoption of the technology. With the sophistication of the cyber attacks, the security infrastructure of cloud does not promise the expected robustness and efficiency in order to prevent the different kinds of threats and attacks. Hence the report shall deal with the security issues of Cloud and how must it be addressed in order to ensure the technology’s adoption at a larger scale. Discussion Security concerns There is a plethora of issues in security front in Cloud Computing resembling several technologies which includes the databases, networks, virtualization, operating systems, resource scheduling, load balancing, transaction management, memory management as well as concurrency control. Hence, the issues in security front in several of these technologies and systems are entailed in cloud computing(Walsh, 2009). Like, the network which interconnects the systems in the cloud must be secure. Moreover the paradigm for cloud computing has resulted in severe concerns in security. For an instance the virtual machine mapping must be carried securely to the physical machines. The security of data should be ensured with encryption along with the assurance that suitable policies should be implemented while data is being shared. Along with it the allocation of resource along with the management algorithms of the memory should be secured.

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