Security Survey Paper

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The security survey conducted by the security professional must be started from scratch and have a review of the findings which will be presented to management with a list of recommendations. There is no set template or standard set model for a security survey. For the security survey to be effective it has to be relevant to the asset.
The first part of the security survey is to identify all the possible threats. These threats can be categorised into environmental, man-made and political. A medium-sized distribution centre will have a number of threats that the security professional would of identified. A possible threat to the asset would be a fire in the distribution centre, this would be an environmental threat.
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The security professional will need to consider how seriously would the threat impact on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the asset.
Step four is to review the security controls. The security professional needs to consider the three main categories of security controls, preventative, detective and corrective. The security controls are designed to lower the risk to the asset. Procedural controls need to remain relevant and effective with physical controls being tested and examined as much as practically possible. Having smoke detectors fitted throughout the distribution centre would be a detective security control. A preventative control in place would be to ensure tidy housekeeping to reduce a fire starting and ensuring fire exits are kept clear at all times in the event of a fire.
The final step of the security survey is to create a list of recommendations to improve or reinforce security measures. The security professional will include in their recommendations any new threats the company may face in the future and any trends or patterns in the security force. The company

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